May 11 2016

Help Clean-Up the Historic Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge on Saturday, May 21, 2016

As part of the 2016 Town of North Hempstead Community Clean-Up Days and the month-long Earth Day celebration, you are invited to join town residents and the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society to clean-up the Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge- the latest town landmark. The clean-up is scheduled from 9:00 am to Noon on Saturday, May 21, 2016. The bridge is located at the northern most end of Old Courthouse Road in Manhasset Hills, near the intersection with Executive Drive.

Please join us in this important first step to restore and preserve this historic site. Gloves and trash bags will be provided. Please bring your small cutting tools.

If you, your friends and families are able to attend this clean-up, please RSVP to Howard@Kroplick .com.


Howard Kroplck


Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge

Historic Views

1920s view of the bridge looking west.

1972 view looking east. Courtesy of Marget and George Vitale from slides by Lester Cutting.

Same view in 1981. Courtesy of Ron Ridolph.

The Motor Parkway near the bridge in 1981.

Current Views: May 11, 2016

Same view as seen in 1972. The Old Courthouse Motor Parkway Bridge is one of only two Motor Parkway bridges still standing in Nassau County and one of eight still standing on Long Island.

The 1909 date is covered by graffiti.

The "highway" bridge went over the Long Island Motor Parkway.


May 14 2016 Chris Battestin 11:15 PM

I will be there. It’s my duty as a real life version of Link. I haven’t explored this area yet. Do I need to bring bags for the waste? And who transports them for disposal? I can’t do it since I don’t drive. What time do we start? I’ll be using an S59 bus, train, and N22 and N25 buses. I do not have any tools except my hands, feet and my smarts. I used to do tons of yardwork with my uncles. I wish I could put a Triforce mark on the bridge. It makes me laugh that PSE&G thinks they own our road. They’re not paying us tolls and they only have power; whereas we have power, wisdom and courage.

May 19 2016 Chris Battestin 6:31 PM

Will we be having lunch in the area? I am bringing extra money in case. I do not know this area at all.I need to know if the parkway is easily accessible from the northbound side of New Hyde Park Road. Must know by 9 PM Friday.

From Howard Kroplick:

Chris, we will be done by Noon so there is no planned lunch. Best way to enter is through Old Courthouse Road.

May 20 2016 Chris Battestin 8:41 PM

I will be there sometime after 10 after hopefully making an N25.

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