Jan 08 2019

From the Simeone Foundation: A Peter Helck Sketch of Two Vanderbilt Cup Race Winners

Last year, I was honored to receive a personal tour of the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia by the renowned Dr. Fred Simeone. Hanging on his library wall, I discovered this Vanderbilt Cup Race masterpiece drawn by the wonderful Peter Helck.


Howard Kroplick

More information on the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Dr. Fred Simeone (left) and Howard Kroplick

Caption: Tazio Nuvolari, in No.8, a 370 H.P. Alfa Romeo, won the Vanderbilt Cup Race in 1936 at an average speed of 65 MPH.

Caption: George Robertson, in No.16, a 90 H.P. Locomobile, won the Vanderbilt Cup Race at an average speed of 64 MPH

This sketch was orginally given to George Robertson from Peter Helck.


Jan 09 2019 Peter Shriver 7:47 AM

Howard, thank you!  Never seen this drawing of my Grandfather George.  Will try and visit the museum   Best wishes, Peter
Howard Kroplick

Peter, Dr. Simeone would be thrilled to meet you. I suggest calling the museum in advance of the visit.

Jan 12 2019 frank femenias 2:11 PM

Funny, in the late ‘60s car buffs were bragging about achieving 400hp under the hood. These guys were already doing it in the late ‘30s. I’m guessing WWII and the Korean war slowed up progress

Jan 20 2019 R Troy 1:15 AM

The Simeone Foundation Museum is an amazing place, as is the attitude behind it.  Having a collection like that, and helping people both enjoy and learn from it, is special.

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