Dec 27 2016

Helck Family Collection: “The Most Thrilling Race I Have Ever Seen” by Barrett H. Clark, Jr.

In the November 1947 issue of Speed Age influential editor and literary manager Barrett H. Clark, Jr. described "the most thrilling race I have ever seen." Surprisingly, the race was last race of the 1946 VMCCA Jubilee Anniversary held at the Mineola Fair Grounds in Garden City.


Howard Kroplick

Speed Age, November 1947

June 8, 1946 Preparing for the "Race of the Racers"

Left to right: Peter Helck, Joe Tracy, unknown and Jerry Helck.

Left to right: Jerry Helck, Joe Tracy

Driver Joe Tracy and Peter Helck with the beret

"The Most Thrilling Race I Ever Seen"

Old 16 Locomobile and the Breese Paris Racer

Courtesy of Walter McCarthy and the Long Island Old Car Club, highlights of the Jubilee were captured in this 4-minute film posted on in 2009

Newspaper Accounts

The Harlem Valley Times, June 13, 1946


Jan 02 2017 Roger Price 4:12 PM

Wow, what a treat!!!!  I loved the last race of Joe Tracy and Old 16 not to mention the fantastic piano music.  Many thanks to Wally McCarthy and Howard Kroplick.

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