Jul 31 2009

Video “The Alco-6 Black Beast Racer at the Second Annual Vanderbilt Autocross”

This two-minute film documents the Second Annual Vanderbilt Autocross at Roosevelt Field in East Garden City, New York held on July 26, 2009. The event marked the return of the 1909 Alco-6 Black Beast Racer to run on Long Island and was recently covered in the The New York Times Wheels Blog.


Aug 01 2009 Howard Kroplick 1:14 AM

From Jim Andrews:

Thanks for a fun web site and blog. I will be back again. I just listened to your Alco, Old 16 and the Pope-Torpedo. I like the sound of Old 16 starting up the best. But I got to hear Old 16 and ride in it with Jerry Helck at Boston Corners. One of my favorite memories was taking Old 16 and Peter Helck’s big Benz-Mercedes to the car show at the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park. It was raining and the rooster tail off the front wheels would go in your lap when you turned a corner. Old 16 stalled at a red light and as traffic backed up it was great to see David Helck as mechanic jump out, give it a quick crank and hear it take off with a wonderful resonant roar. I don’t remember who was driving, but it probably was not Jerry, his bad knee and Old 16’s clutch did not get along.

Jim Andrews

Aug 03 2009 Brooks Marston 8:19 AM

Nice race Howard !

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