Dec 02 2010

Book “Long Island Motor Parkway” Reviewed in Hemmings Classic Car

James Donnelly of Senior Editor of Hemmings Classic Car informed me today that he had previously reviewed one of my favorite books "The Long Island Motor Parkway". Here's the review:

Hemmings Motor News: Books & Literature by James Donnelly

The Long Island Motor Parkway

Howard Kroplick and Al Velocci

Arcadia Publishing


The authors may be the first guys to recognize Long Island's automotive role since Peter Helck composed all those wonderful paintings of the Vanderbilt Cup races. Willie K. Vanderbilt, Jr. who might otherwise be relegated to rich-idler status by history, bootstrapped one of the nation's first improved, high-speed roads, as told in this succinct, 128-page photo essay. While inevitably light on text, it powerfully communicates the world of primitive high-performance driving and racing, along with Long Island's stunning changes since the once-private road was built.

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Newsday Article "Road to History: Long Island Motor Parkway 100 years later By Bill Bleyer


New York Times Article “First Auto Parkway: From Road to Ruin”

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Dec 06 2010 Roger Price 3:37 PM

I’ve read Howard’s book and it’s terrific!
Roger Price

Dec 06 2010 Howard Kroplick 7:57 PM

Hi Roger:

Thanks for the review!!


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