Feb 10 2011

From the McCarthy Collection:  Four Hotels on the Vanderbilt Cup Race Course

Walter McCarthy: "I came across this journal "Automobile Tours 1908" while browsing through some of my old original literature. This issue included information on four hotels on the Vanderbilt Cup Race course."

Elverton Inn, Lakeville (Formerly called Lakeville Inn)



"Open new, May 1908. Open all year. 15 miles from New York. Overlooking "Deep Vale", W.K. Vanderbilt Jr.'s country place."

East Williston Hotel, Mineola (Also known as Krug's Hotel)



"General headquarters for automobilists, known throughout the world as the famous Krug's Corner on the Vanderbilt Cup course."

Mansion House, Roslyn



"One of Long Island's famous old road houses. Roslyn is the center of social life on the North Shore of Long Island. Racing headquarters during Vanderbilt Cup Race. National headquarters Federation American Motorcyclist 1908 Meet. Headquarters American Motor League."

Hotel Glenwood Hungaria, On-The-Sound, Glenwood


"Scenic route along picturesque north shore. Finest macadam roads. The ideal resort for automobiles. Beautiful and modern. High-class cuisine and service. Situated directly on Hempstead Harbor. Open throughout the year."

Thanks, Walter!

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