Dec 25 2012

Film “The Race That Changed Everything” with Edsel B. Ford II

This Fall, I made my acting debut as driver Alexander Winton in History Channel's "Men Who Built America". In the finale of the series, I re-enacted the historic 1901 Sweepstakes race versus Henry Ford.

In October 2011, Ford Racing uploaded this eight minute film of "The Race That Changed Everything" narrated by Edsel B. Ford II with the following description:

Henry Ford was not a racer, but that didn't stop him from getting behind the wheel for a race that is still being talked about 110 years later. In this video, Edsel B. Ford II tells the story of his great-grandfather and how he beat the best racer in the country with a car he built himself.




Happy and Healthy 2013!





Howard Kroplick

Henry Ford driving "Sweepstakes"

The 1901 trophy for "The Race that Changed Everything".


Dec 30 2012 Howard Kroplick 4:28 PM

From Robert R.:

Terrific Edsel Ford piece, Howard.

Happy New Year.

Dec 31 2012 Wayne Carroll Petersen 2:48 PM

Tom Cooper purchased the 999 Auto from Henry Ford on Oct. 13, 1902. Barney Oldfield drove the 999 Auto to beat Alex Winton in his Winton Bullet Auto on Oct. 25, 1902. As a result of of this publicity and with the financial backing of Alex Y. Malcomson the Ford Motor Company was launched in November 1902.

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