May 30 2018

Film of the Week: Great Cars- Tucker

This week's film/video is a 2004 25-minute film on the Tucker automobiles distributed by King Rose Archives. The film features interviews with the Tucker family, a sales presentation by Preston Tucker, clips of the Tucker Combat Car, Alex Tremulis, Indy 500 track trials and the 1947 Chicago launch and the green Tucker 1005.


Howard Kroplick


May 31 2018 Ron Ridolph 12:25 AM

  Hi Howard:  Thanks for a nice video//film as it is informative, detailed and nicely
done.  It was just nice to see and understand a lot of the details and struggles that
took place for this man to get his dream on the road.
                Best Regards Always,  Ron Ridolph

May 31 2018 Mike Cain 12:41 PM

Excellent and entertaining film. I find it disappointing that Tucker was unable to get into mass production. Thanks for sharing his story Howard!

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