Dec 13 2019

Film of the Week: An Amateur Color Film of 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race

I just found this amateur color film of the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race held at Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury from the AACA Library & Research Center.

There is no sound and the overall 8 mm quality is poor in the below film. However, it does give you a feeling of what the race looked like from the grandstands.



Howard Kroplick















Dec 13 2019 Steve Lucas 10:20 PM

Although not the best quality, still a great film. You never know what you’ll find if you just keep looking. Some good shots of the Auto Union. Hard to tell if it was Rosemeyer or not.

Dec 14 2019 frank femenias 1:49 PM

Nice find, thanks for sharing. Admiring all the open land in all directions; not a building in site on early Long Island. Fire truck at 4:05!

Dec 15 2019 bob laravie 12:14 PM

Nice film . The track layouts in 1936 and 1936 from Nixon- Racing The Silver Arrows. Also from Nixon- Rex Mays took 3rd in an Alfa, J. Thorne 6th in another Alfa. Fastest lap Rudi Caraccioli in a MB at 84.5 MPH. The 36 race was interesting an American car, the Bird Pistion Special , Mauri Rose driver 6th, MB and AU did not compete.


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