Feb 28 2014

Film of the Week: “Tazio Nuvolari Wins Vanderbilt Cup (1936)”

Éclair-Journal in 1936 released this 26-second movie news clip on the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

According to our friend Ariejan Bos of the Netherlands: "When I was young, before the movie started, a news journal (in my time it was called Polygoon Journaal) was shown. Éclair-Journal was something similar and started in 1910 in France. Apparently it had expanded in the 1930s to the Netherlands.Those were the days before television!" Thanks Ariejan!

Galley of Vanderbilt Cup Race films


Howard Kroplick

Ariejan Bos translation:


The important Automobile Prize of America

After a difficult race the Italian Nuvolari wins before the Frenchman Wimille

#62 Marion-Miller Special (USA) driven by Milt Marion. Finished 44th. Completed 3 laps, broke clutch shaft


#14 Elgin-Offy Piston Pin Special (USA) driven by Frank Brisko. Finished 27th.

Two curves on the course.

Aerial views of Roosevelt Raceway


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