Feb 20 2012

Favorite Website: Suffolk Historic Newspapers

Suffolk Historic Newspapers website is a Long Island researcher's dream...a  searchable collection of Long Island's heritage dating back to 1839.

The website is a treasure trove of the Long Island history including; the Vanderbilt Cup Races and Long Island Motor Parkway. As an example, this amazing article "The Great Automobile Contest" was published in Huntington's Long-Islander newspaper on September 23, 1904, two weeks before the first Vanderbilt Cup Race.


Howard Kroplick




The article expressed the pending excitement of Long Islanders to the upcoming race. "The great international automobile race for the Vanderbilt cup to take place over the Jericho turnpike and the Jerusalem road in Nassau county next month promises to be one of the greatest events of its kind ever held on this side of the Atlantic and there will be thousands of visitors here from all parts of the country and many from Europe to witness the event...The coming of so many wealthy people will be a great advertisement for Long Island." The reporter also made these forecasts of the future of automobile and roads. "Nearly every observant person predicts that the automobile will supplant the horse for business purposes and for the professional's routes, but many say that for pleasure riding it is a fad and will soon pass away. Few doubt that is the future vehicle for the transportation of heavy merchandise, such as coal, ice, meat and groceries through the streets of our cities and it will undoubtedly become the vehicle for the farmers' use, when it becomes cheaper, and simpler and better built so as to be absolutely reliable without the aid of a machinist to call for it. It will also call for better built roads in the country...We doubt very much whether use of the automobile as a pleasure vehicle will decrease." Related links on VanderbiltCupRaces.com


Mar 19 2016 Brian D McCarthy 10:24 PM

Hello, Howard. I have used this website for everything plus the LIMP. But I spent about half of today perusing….nyshistoricnewspapers.org…It’s format is quite easy to use. I found everything from my birth announcement to LIMP info.
From Howard Kroplick:

Brian, good suggestion! Thanks!

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