Oct 24 2018

Exclusive: Photos from the Wallis C. Bird and Marjorie Winifred Kendall Bird Family Album

During the 1920s and 1930s, Benjamin Kendall was the mechanic and groundskeeper for the prominent Long Island automobile collector Wallis C. Bird. He was also a relative of Marjorie Winifred Bird, Wallis's wife, . Benjamin's grandson Steve has forwarded several photos from the family album.


Howard Kroplick

Wallis C. Bird's Automobiles

1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1929 Voisin

1924 Hispano Suiza - unrestored. The photo was taken in front of the gates to Billings' Farnsworth estate in Locust Valley.

The gates were still standing in 2008.

Same automobile as above-restored in 1935

1934 Auburn 12 Cylinder

Wallis Bird's 1938 Beechcraft

Wallis Bird's Yacht "Walwin"

The Bird and Kendall Families

Wallis C. Bird (left) and W. Gillette Bird (right)


Oct 25 2018 Jim Coniglione 6:44 AM

Fantastic pics of their collection

Oct 27 2018 Dave Russo 4:44 PM

Howard, that first pic is obviously the entrance to an estate. Any idea where this is? I’ll gladly go fetch some NOW pics of it if it’s still around.

Howard Kroplick

Dave, it was the entrance to Farnesworth, the Wallis Bird estate.

Oct 28 2018 Hugh 12:30 AM

The Auburn 12 is more likely a 1933 or a left over one. Auburn came out with a completely new body in 1934.

Oct 28 2018 CHUCK MITCHELL 12:46 AM


Oct 28 2018 Paul Rum 1:40 AM

The gates are the only thing left of the entire estate. It’s a residential neighborhood now. The gates are on the corner of Chicken Valley Road & Oyster Bay Road in Oyster Bay.

Oct 28 2018 mark schaier 5:08 AM

Where is Farnsworth?, another Long Island gold coast estate?, sounds familiar?

Howard Kroplick

Answer is above. The gates are still standing.

Oct 28 2018 Chris Osborne 4:46 PM


Oct 28 2018 S. Berliner, III 6:07 PM

For starters, that magnificent Victoria in the 6th pic down is NOT a restored version of any car shown above it.  I was at the Bird Auction (see 30 Jun Mystery Foto #74 and 01 and 14 Jul 2104 blogs); absolutely incredible event.  Most of us there were simply over-awed by the panoply of cars.  Long story about how I got home to Mineola via the old Frank Buck Zoo site <http://sbiii.com/fbuckzoo.html> in Massapequa (partially posted but needs expansion - will advise).  Walt Gosden - might you have pix of the 1931 Chrysler Imperial 8 CG sedan in the Farnsworh parking lot (that’s how I ended up at the Zoo site)?  That 1925 Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix #4487 was listed by Goodings two years ago at $2,600,000-$3,200,000 and sold for $3.300,000!  Sam, III

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