Aug 21 2017

The Sun at East Hills, New York at 2:43 PM and the Total Eclipse Seen in Oregon

Taken by my friend Rich Rosenblum at Madras, Oregon.

Rich: "Absolutely incredible! Spectacular beyond words!"


Aug 21 2017 Brian D McCarthy 8:30 PM

Wow! The sky didn’t darken like this over by us ( Lake Ronkonkoma ).
Howard Kroplick

Brian, the sky did not darken as much. I placed a filter on my camera.

Aug 21 2017 Ted 9:49 PM

Unfortunately, didn’t see anything here in this part of the Villages, there was a partial not to far in Leesburg, they estimated wrong, we were supposed to get it.

Aug 21 2017 Brian D McCarthy 11:35 PM

That was a great idea, Howard. And I was viewing the eclipse with a sheet of paper & hole. We would had to been in South Carolina to be in darkness.2024 isn’t too far away!

Aug 22 2017 frank femenias 10:29 PM

Even though total darkness didn’t descend on NY, there was a strange dim of light, never seen before and unlike sunset, that lasted at least twenty minutes steadily, before turning full bright again at 3pm. I recorded the event of the surrounding terrain in my neighborhood on camcorder, then the full bright version soon after. I’m hoping the HD camera captured the difference. I will let you know. My daughter described the experience as being in another dimension. It truly was strange.

Howard Kroplick

It was a great day! Something Americans could celebrate together!

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