Jul 18 2017

Classic Car Club and Nassau County Historical Society Visit Waterfront at Roslyn

Members of the Long Island Region of the Classic Car Club of America and the Nassau County Historical Society visited Waterfront at Roslyn last Sunday. A great time was had by all checking out the classic and vintage automobiles.


Howard Kroplick

Three Mustangs and Chrysler's Chrysler

Courtesy of Mike Dwyer

Howard provided the hsitory and stories on each automobile. Courtesy of Mike Dwyer

Courtesy of Frank Formato

Courtesy of Mike Dwyer

Rides in the Alco Black Beast

Courtesy of Jim Ryan

Courtesy of Mike Dwyer

Thumbs-Ups and smile in the Alco Black Beast.

Classic and Vintage Cars

Courtesy of Jim Ryan


Jul 23 2017 S. Berliner, III 3:53 PM

Bah!  Humbug!  Only the Franklin and the Packard are classics!  Wonder if the former was once veterinarian Dr. Doehm’s car from Roslyn (at 55 Bryant, under the bypass)?  If so, see <http://sbiii.com/automotv.html>, about half-way down.  Sam, III

Jul 24 2017 Walt Gosden 7:17 PM

I agree with Sam’s comments, (the Franklin and Packard are the only classics). No that Franklin is not the one owned for decades by the vet under the bypass. His was a 1933 Olympic sedan, this is the one that used the same body/fenders/chassis as the Reo Flying Cloud. the last I knew the vet’s car was in Mass.

Jul 25 2017 S. Berliner, III 10:21 AM

Hoo, sibling; did I ever mess up (and Walt fell into my unwitting trap)!  Howard’s Chrysler is most definitely a full Classic; so sorry, Howard.  [Thanks, Walt, for identifying the William Dohm (not Doehm) car; I amended my web page accordingly.]  Sam, III

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