Jun 05 2018

Chrysler’s Chrysler Honored at the AACA Grand National Meet

Chrysler's Chrysler was honored with two awards last weekend at the AACA Annual Grand National Meet held in Greensburg, PA- the AACA Zenith Finalist Award and the AACA First Grand National Award.

Thanks John Cuocco for covering these events.


Howard Kroplick

Second Annual AACA Zenith Award, May 31, 2018

Chrysler's Chrysler was selected as one of the 17 automobiles of the over 2,900 shown at 2017 AACA events to compete for the Zenith Awards.

After five hours of judging on Friday, the "Restoration of the Year" was awarded to the beautful 1935 Packard 1204 Super 8 owned by Gregory & Cheri Haack.

Annual Grand National Meet, June 1, 2018

On Saturday, Chrysler's Chrysler participated  in the AACA Grand National Meet. Note the canvass roof due to the potential of rain.

Chrysler's Chrysler was awarded a First Grand National Award for Class19D.


Jun 10 2018 Jeff Levin 6:08 AM

Congratulations Howard! My son and I were at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle last weekend. On the way home we stopped at the AACA Museum to see the Mustang exhibit. It was so cool to see your car in the center. The Tucker Exhibit was awesome as well. I picked up a few books including the Tucker Story book they are selling. We then headed to the Barn Antique shop in Hershey were I found a copy of my former neighbor Fred Wagner’s book and a couple more treasures for my auto memorabilia collection. Keep the news letters coming they are certainly fun and educational.

Jun 10 2018 Walt Gosden 4:00 PM

I was very happy to see the Chrysler receive another award for it’s excellence. We all are indeed lucky to know this car survives and was authentically restored and brought back to the way it was when new. People who live on long island do not realize how fortunate they are to be able to see this car in person more often then many others. It was such a personal pleasure to see this car undergo the restoration it did by a team of people who care so much and appreciate the car they worked on.

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