Mar 17 2015

Chrysler’s Chrysler Captures a First Place Award at the Annual Meeting of the CCCA in Savannah

Chrysler's Chrysler was honored last Wednesday with a first place award at the Annual Meeting of the Classic Car Club of America held in Savannah, Georgia.

The happy highlights are below.

Later This Week: The happy results from the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.


Howard Kroplick

The judges checking out the 1937 Chrysler LeBaron C-15 Town Car. The automobile received a score of 99.5.

The proud owners at the "Dinner Among the Classics".

From left to right: Howard Kroplick, Walt Gosden and Steve Babinsky

Howard and Roz receiving the First Place Award for Primary Custom (1937-1939) from David W. Johnson, President-CCCA.


Mar 18 2015 Ted 1:26 AM

What else can be said but woooow,fabulous and congratulations. Probably be saying the same for the Florida show too. Good luck. Your a sure win at any show. Chryslers Chrysler is the best of the best and can go on and on about it. See you tonight . Hope it’s a good turn out. Looking forward to seeing you and a lot of other familiar people.

Mar 18 2015 Ron Ridolph 2:47 AM

Hi Howard:

  What a beautiful day and event for you and Roz!!!  Just SUPER !!!!!

            Cheers and Best !!!!  Ron Ridolph

Mar 18 2015 Mike Cain 4:35 PM

Congratulations Howard! A very well deserved award. I’m sure you did well at Amelia Island too and I fully expect that the Chrysler will do very well at the Greenwich Concours this year. I’m looking forward to seeing it there during the last weekend in May. The car is simply spectacular!

Mar 22 2015 Chris Osborne 10:50 AM

Congratulations Howard!  And for Amelia too!  Fantastic!  CCCA annual gathering at their museum at the Gilmore site in Michigan is in June.  I know they would love to see your car there!  I will be exhibiting art; it’s my favorite annual event, the Classics are spectacular.
Best wishes,
Chris Osborne

Mar 22 2015 ROGER YACKEL 11:23 AM


Mar 22 2015 Howard Kroplick 11:43 AM

From Walt Gosden:
I just attended the CCCA annual meeting in Savannah that was organized by CCCA President Dave Johnson and Christine Snyder.
What an absolutely amazing good time. There were about 45 or so cars and much to my surprise and delight most were all restored in authentic period color schemes for paint, interior and tops. It made the cars looks so “right”. The Peterson clan was out in force and patriarch Don had his beautiful model 734 Packard speedster there for all to enjoy looking over. What a swell group of people to visit with and the sites we saw in the historic town of Savannah were just excellent. One of the highlights was the railway museum with all the brick buildings , round house etc. One afternoon CCCA Director Steve Babinsky of NJ gave a technical talk on how to tune your distributor; and brought (at his expense) all that distance a Sun machine along with a 1931 Cadilloac V12 engine and trans. (all 1.200 lbs of it ) mounted neatly on a stand and running so he could demonstrate how to set up the points in the distributor , not only on the machine but also with just a screw driver and a test light. He had 50 people looking on and explained in easy to understand basic terms what and how to do the job. One of the many personal highlights for me was riding around with Dave Kane in his 1937 Packard V12 Rollston bodied convertible victoria , Dave and I grew up in the same town (I still reside in) and went to high school together. Going down the road in the middle of the night in the dark in a pre war custom bodied Packard has to be one of life’s great pleasures . Among the spectacular cars there out for the first time on the East coast was my dear friends Howard and Roz Kroplick’s 1937 Chrysler Imperial C-15 town car by LeBaron that was ordered new by Walter P. Chrysler for his wife Della. This car is Streamline Deco styling at its zenith . CCCA is what you want it to be, caravans, Grand Classics, regional get togethers or way cool events like the Annual meeting in Savannah.

Mar 22 2015 Howard Kroplick 10:41 PM

From Vera S.:

Congratulations once again !  Why did your lose 0.5 points ?  Is it that only God can be perfect ?
From Howard Kroplick
Thanks for the congrats. The judges deducted 0.5 point because the clock did not have the exact time, mainly because the car has a battery kill switch for safety.

Mar 23 2015 JeRita 9:43 PM

Another great win and well deserved Thank you

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