Sep 10 2012

Chrysler’s Chrysler and Alco Black Beast a Hit at the Great Neck Autofest

Chrysler's Chrysler and the Alco Black Beast were on display before thousands at the Great Neck Plaza AutoFest. Highlights and a sampling of smiles and thumbs ups are featured today.

Complimentary photos from the below three slideshows can be downloaded directly from this Photobucket website.




Howard Kroplick

Congressman Gary Ackerman gets a ride in the Black Beast in its fourth Great Neck AufoFest. Gram giving directions to his mechanician.

Chrysler's Chrysler

The 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler was the featured car in its first return to Great Neck since the 1950s. My beautiful wife and I in front of our display. Roz and er sister Ellie Karin. H. Roy Jaffe, former senior automotive stylist at General Motors, checking out the Chrysler. Testing out the engine. Checking out the custom-made passenger bar.

Smiles and Thumbs Ups

Over 150 people joined the Black Beast Drivers and Mechanicians Club.


Sep 12 2012 Dennis Spina 7:21 PM

Great photos! I think it is wonderful that you let all the kids sit in and enjoy the Black Beast. What better way is there to inspire their interest in history, than to let them actually touch it. It was great seeing you and the cars at the fair. By the way, I’m Gram’s uncle.

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