Mar 14 2012

Cars of the Stars Part II

Robert Richer has forwarded an email of "Nifty Cars and Nifty Owners". Check out Part II of the cars of the stars.


Howard Kroplick

Rita Hayworth and her 1941 Lincoln Continental

Joan Crawford and her 1933 Ford Roadster

Clark Gable and his 1932 Packard

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Mar 18 2012 Marty Zickerman 11:38 PM

Hi Howard,
Joan Crawfords’ roadster looks to me to be a 1934 Ford rather than a 1933 as stated.
A 1933 Ford has one hood handle in the center of the hood side panel. A 1934 has two hood handles one in the front and one at the rear of the side panel. The photo shows a rear hood handle (the front one is obscured in the photo by the curvature of the front fender. I have owned a 1934 Ford chopped top 3-window coupe hot rod since 1958. Thanks for all your efforts Howard. I truly enjoy your site.
Best regards,
Marty Zickerman

Mar 27 2012 Chris Osborne 3:26 PM

I have seen the Clark Gable Packard while I was exhibiting my art at Classic Car Club of America, and at the Glenmoor Gathering where Gable’s 1942 Harley bike (owned by Joe Hassett) was displayed next to it.  The car has been owned lately by Thomas Moretti, if I am correct, and he may have put it up for auction recently.  Gable is a favorite subject of mine, in my paintings (working on a Gable/Harley painting right now), and the photo you shared is classic! Thanks Howard.

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