Dec 01 2012

Found: An Unrestored 1905 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout

Last month, I discovered this totally unrestored 1905 Oldsmobile. Can anyone correctly identify where this beautiful vintage car is currently being shown on Long Island?

Update: December 3, 2012: Congratulations to everyone who knew this car is on display at the Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead.


Howard Kroplick



Dec 02 2012 James Goddard 12:57 AM

this place looks like the old (before it was renovated) stony brook carriage museum on 25 A & main st   in stony brook just north of stony brook college & the RR tracks

Dec 02 2012 James Goddard 1:03 AM

update from previous message;  I think it is now a fully restored 1905 oldmobile call them and I could swear it is in a room on left of the main entrance to carraige house I think they call it?  I don’t know what floor?  (631) 751-0066

Dec 02 2012 Ken Wiebke 1:17 AM

I’m thinking car is among the wagons,  carriages, etc. at Stonybrook….

Dec 02 2012 Cary Rachell 7:40 AM

Hi Howard. Thanks as always for your automotive journalism. Is the location The Stonybrook carriage museum? I know it’s a stretch but I thought I’d give it a try!

Dec 02 2012 Robert E. Richer 7:56 AM

Wow, what an absolutely spectacular barn find!

Dec 02 2012 George Bartunek 8:00 AM

Suffolk County Historical Society, Riverhead

Dec 02 2012 George B. Marschall 8:09 AM

I believe the curved dash Olds is on display at the Riverhead Historical Society

Dec 02 2012 eric shaffer 8:37 AM

It looks like the carriage museum at stonybrook.

Dec 02 2012 Tom Ingoglia 8:51 AM

Stony Brook, LI, NY

Dec 02 2012 jerry G 9:12 AM

Billy joels bike shop in Oysterbay?

Dec 02 2012 Andrew S. Hartwell 9:37 AM

Carriage house museum in Stony Brook?

Dec 02 2012 Gary Hammond 9:38 AM

It’s been on exhibit at the Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead for many years.

Dec 02 2012 Bill Fanning 9:50 AM

It has been many, many years since I visited the Historical Society Museum in Riverhead, but I do recall a very early automobile tucked quietly away in the basement display area.  I certainly cannot be sure, but I think it was an early Oldsmobile.


Dec 02 2012 Roger A. Price 10:18 AM

Yes Howard.  That car is in the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum in Riverhead.  I wish I owned that car.  It’s in incredible shape for its age.


Dec 02 2012 Kenneth J. Harris 10:28 AM

As a guess, at the L.I. Museum in Stony Brook.


Dec 02 2012 JeRita 7:18 PM

I think it is the Suffolk County Museum in Riverhead I know its not Stony Brook There is also another small museum in Amagannsett that has carriages The Huntington historical Society has some carriages too

Dec 02 2012 Walter 8:20 PM

It’s at Riverhead in the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum

Dec 03 2012 Noel Gish 9:57 AM

Positively absolutely in the Suffolk County Historical Society downstairs at 300 West Main street Riverhead New York right next to the1900 bike display and the sleigh.

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