Jan 12 2013

Black Beast Highlighted on the DVD Cover of “Men Who Built America”

The DVD for the History Channel's series "Men Who Built America" will be released on January 22, 2013. John Hammond, Town Historian of Oyster Bay, received a pre-release copy of the 3-disc collection and has forwarded copies of the amazing DVD's covers.


Howard Kroplick 

Meet the men who constructed the foundation of modern America and created the American Dream when The Men Who Built America™ arrives on 3-disc Blu-ray and 3-disc DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment on January 22. This epic HISTORY series event tells the great stories of America's most influential builders and dreamers: Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller - whose feats transformed the United States into the world's greatest economic superpower and how they affected the lives of every person in the world.

The 3-disc Blu-ray and 3-disc DVD both include multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes. The Men Who Built America™ will be available for the first time on Blu-ray Disc and DVD for the suggested retail price of $39.99 and $29.98, respectively.

The Men Who Built America™ tells the story of those that played a significant role in the shaping of this country. From Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Ford, the epic mini-series looks at how these individuals took a nation decaying from the Civil War into the greatest economic and technological superpower the world has ever seen. The Men Who Built America™ is the story of a nation at its crossroads and of the people who catapulted it to prosperity.

•"From Richer to Richer" featurette
•"The American Dream" featurette
•"Monopoly" featurette
•"Competitive Nature" featurette
•"The Every Man" featurette
•"The Rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt" featurette
•"Traits of a Titan" featurette

*Subject to change



The DVD's front cover features the series' logo.

The back cover highlights the Black Beast and the "Red" White.

Film Segment of Alexander Winton (Howard Kroplick) racing Henry Ford (Ed LaBounty) in the finale of "Men Who Built America".


Jan 13 2013 Howard Kroplick 10:49 AM

From Cindy M:

“I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such an awesome series! My boyfriend is a Senior Project Manager for an electrical contractor, so we really connected watching the evolution of electricity and the games behind it.”

Jan 13 2013 Howard Kroplick 10:51 AM

From Goden:

“thank you howard great stuff”

Jan 13 2013 Ted 11:50 AM

I agree,this is the greatest!!!!!

Jan 13 2013 Roger A. Price 4:31 PM

Nice going Howard.

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