Aug 01 2013

Alco Black Beast Upcoming 2014 Events

Hear the Alco Black Beast roarin 2014!


Jun 14 2013 Ted 9:30 PM

Hi Howard, I hope you read this in time, just to let you know that I’m going to the Kingberge Festival,looking foward to seeing you and enjoying a beautiful day. See you in the morning, I’ll be there about 9am

Jun 16 2013 Ted 7:26 PM

Howard Hope to see you at Morgan Park on Sunday,also Saturday for the clean-up,hopefully for breakfast,if not at the site. Enjoy the rest of Fathers Day

Jun 24 2013 Ted 5:31 PM

I was a little disappointed,I thought that there were going to be more antique cars,too many muscle cars and weren’t allowed to start up those drag racing cars,Pacer and two other plus your’s,they do it at other shows,it would have made it a better show,more exciting, It was good seeing you, See you next time

Sep 25 2013 Ted 1:26 AM

Sure wish The Black Beast could be at Cruise To The Show,I could tell some people to come to see it,I’ll be there anyway.

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