Aug 24 2019

Highlights from the Motor Parkway Field Trip to Bethpage

Members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society and the Central Park Historical Society had a wonderful time exploring the Bethpage section of the Motor Parkway today. Highlights included Bethpage memories and tales as told by Lenny Mulqueen, Paul Mering, Anne Albertson and Arthur Mauriello.


Howard Kroplick

From Left to right: Lenny Mulqueen, Anne Albertson, Paul Mering and me.

Sammy and Dave Russo.

Al Velocci discussing the site of the Nibbe Farmway Motor Parkway Bridge.

Arthur Mauriello, grandson of thelodgekeepers Thomas and Josephine Zinzi, related his childhood stories of rowing up in the Massapequa Lodge.

Paul Mering's father bought a property bordering on the Motor Parkway in 1936 when the parkway was still operating.

Paul with an automobile abandoned by his father .

Mark Schaier provided this photo of Paul's father's automobile make and model.