Feb 24 2020

Mystery Foto #8 Solved: A 1951 Aerial View of Mitchel Field & the Motor Parkway & 2017 Circus Trains

My favorite co-author Al Velocci challenged you to identify this weekend's Mystery Foto.

Answers to the Mystery Foto Questions:

  • Identify the orientation of the photographer.

​View is looking west with Stewart Avenue the major road on the right.

  • Where is the Motor Parkway?

​The remnants of the Motor Parkway can be seen north (to the right) of Stewart Avenue. For most of the parkway in this section, the road runs 600-feet parallel to Stewart Avenue as per the property purchase agreement with the heirs of A.T. Stewart.

  • Where are the airplanes in the Mystery Foto?

​Five planes parked at Mitchel Field can be seen at the upper left corner of the Mystery Foto.

  • Identify the major roads

​See Brian McCarthy's below captioned aerial. From left to right: Miller Avenue, Commercial Avenue, LIRR, Ellington Avenue, Stewart Avenue and our beloved Long Island Motor Parkway.

  • Identify the buildings in the Mystery Foto:

              -Building A: Visiting Airmen’s Quarters (Bradley Hall).  

              -Building B: TBD

              -Building C: Stewart School

              -Building D: General Bronze

              -Building E: A & P Warehouse

  • Identify the railroad and golf course in the Mystery Foto.

​Central Branch of the LIRR which was still used by Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey to bring the circus to Nassau Coliseum in 2017. See Albert Prete's below amazing photos. 

The golf course to the right of the Motor Parkway was the Old Westbury Club (previously the Intercollegiate Golf Club). Later became part of the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall.

  • Kudos question: What is the approximate date of the Mystery Foto? Provide a rationale.

​April 24, 1951: Rationale: Besides the caption on the reverse side of the photo:

-The absence of construction of the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall (1955-1956)

-The absence of the Meadowbrook Parkway

-The presence of the LILCO Gas Holder

Comments (7)

Congrats to Albert Prete, Joseph Oesterle, Sam Berliner III,  Lee Chambers, George Philippides, Brian McCarthy and Steve Lucas for correctly identifying many of the Mystery Foto questions.

Kudos to Albert Prete, George Philippides and Steve Lucas for coming close to the 1951 date.

A special shout-out to Albert Prete for capturing the last circus trains on the Central Branch of the LIRR in 2017.


Howard Kroplick

Five airplanes can be seen in the upper left corner.

Building A:Visiting Airmen’s Quarters (Bradley Hall).   Now: Part of Nassau County Community College.

Building B: Still TBD.

Building C: The Stewart School

Building D: General Bronze

Building E: A & P Warehouse

Then: 1951

Now: 2020

View looking west along the Motor Parkway toward the LILCO Gas Holder (1950)

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