May 19   1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car a Big Hit at the AACA Museum Exhibit Opening Reception

May 18   Howard Kroplick Events and Automobile Shows (Updated: May 4, 2018)

May 18   Field of Wheels Postponed Until June 16th (Updated 5/19/2018)

May 18 News Links (Updated: 5/18/2018)

May 17   Update #2: Mystery Friday Foto #20: A Rare Automobile Badge

May 16   Video/Film of the Week: Classic Bridgehampton Racing

May 15   Profile Series: Tucker 1007- The Metallic Blue Tucker at the LeMay Collections in Tacoma

May 14   Mystery Foto #19 Solved: The Motor Parkway East of Clinton Road, Garden City in the 1950s

May 12   The Residence of the Starter of Five Vanderbilt Cup Races Rediscovered in Smithtown

May 09   Vanderbilia: The Long Island Motor Parkway Toll Ticket

May 08   The Special Tucker ‘48 Ad in the 1948 Indy 500 Race Program

May 07   Mystery Foto#18 Solved:A 1951 View of the LIRR Motor Parkway Bridge from the New York State Archives

May 05   The Western Terminus of the Motor Parkway in Fresh Meadows Circa 1938

May 03   2018 Long Island Cruises (Updated: July 14, 2017)

May 02   1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part II: Luxurious Features of the Tucker ‘48

May 01   Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” IX:To the Finish Line at Half Hollows Hills

Apr 30   Mystery Foto #17 Solved: North Hempstead Town Supervisor Edwin C. Willets Driving a 1904 Buckmobile

Apr 29   Tucker 1044 Conservation Report: On the Road to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Apr 25   Hemmings Daily: AACA Museum to kick off “Mustangs: Six Generations of America’s Favorite Pony”

Apr 24   Highlights from the Vanderbilt Cup Region-AACA’s Spring Dust-Off to the Waterfront at Roslyn

Apr 23   Mystery Foto #16 Solved: Harry Grant Driving the #1 Isotta During the 1914 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Apr 21   Documenting A 1950 Melville Driveway-The Former Entrance to the Huntington Lodge

Apr 18   Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” VIII: Wheatley Heights & Half Hollows Hills

Apr 17   Never Before Published Photos of the Long Island Automotive Museum

Apr 17   Mystery Foto #15 Solved: A 1908 Long Island Racing Scene at Bethpage’s Deadman’s Curve I

Apr 14   Highlights from Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society Meeting: The Grand Vanderbilt Estates

Apr 10   Hemmings Motor News: Pony Expressions- There’s a herd of unusual Mustangs at museums

Apr 09   Updated: Mystery Foto #14 Solved: The Northern State Parkway Under Construction in 1932

Apr 07   Updated: Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” VII: Ruland Rd & Colonial Springs Rd

Apr 04   The “Damsel” Who Helped Design the Interior of the Tucker ‘48

Apr 03   Highlights from the Alco Black Beast at the 2018 Garden City Easter Sunday Vintage Car Parade

Apr 02   Mystery Foto #13 Solved: A 1944 View of the Central Avenue/LIRR Motor Parkway Bridge in Bethpage

Mar 31   Tucker 1044 Selected to Appear in the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Mar 30   Off-Topic: Highlights from the Mets’ 2018 Opening Day

Mar 30   Hold the Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018 Presentation: The Grand Homes of the Gold Coast, Bethpage

Mar 28   1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part I: Opportunity Knocking on the Door

Mar 27   Updated: Sam & Dave’s “Excellent Motor Parkway Hike” VI: Broad Hollow Road

Mar 26   Mystery Foto #12 Solved: William Lutgen’s Mercedes at a Pit Stop During the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Mar 24   Updated Tucker Topics: Have Tucker 1044 Will Travel

Mar 21   From the Simeone Museum: Celebrating the Renault Roadsters

Mar 20   Hemmings Cover Article: Mustang III The Concept Car That Helped Ignite the Pony-Car Revolution

Mar 19   Mystery Foto #11 Solved: Sammy on the Ezekiel Smith Farmway Bridge in Melville

Mar 17   Update: Exclusive: Memories of Living in the Huntington Lodge in Melville

Mar 14   Updated Exclusive: A Rare 1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool

Mar 13   Highlights From the Westhampton Historical Society Vanderbilt Cup Races Presentation

Mar 13   Mystery Foto #10 Solved: A 1909 Long Island Automobile Club Membership Cup

Mar 10   The Impact of the Vanderbilt Cup Races: The Long Island Race Tracks

Mar 07   Tucker 1044 Conservation Report III: Putting 1044 Back Together

Mar 06   Peter Helck: Memoirs: 75 Years with Palette, Paintbrush and Wheels

Mar 05   Updated: Mystery Foto #9 Solved: The Central R.R. Motor Parkway Bridge in Queens

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